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What is the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Posted by rootinvest on June 5, 2023

What is the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship at the lowest cost, and recover capital in the fastest possible way?

Since the main goal is to obtain Turkish citizenship, we have two options:

1- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing an amount of (500,000) dollars: such as 

* Bank deposit, where a bank account must be opened and an amount of (500,000) dollars must be deposited in a Turkish bank, provided that the amount remains in the account for a period of three years.

* Buying and keeping instruments for a period of three years, with an amount of (500,000) dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira.

* Buying investment funds, by sharing a share in one of the investment funds for a period of three years, with an amount of (500,000) dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira.

2- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning one or more real estate in the amount of (400,000) dollars:

This method is easier and faster in terms of steps and procedures and less expensive, in addition to the possibility of achieving material income by renting the property for a period of three years before the resale process, because the property cannot be sold before three years have passed from the date of registration of the title deed, according to the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property.

In all cases, the capital cannot be fully recovered before the lapse of three years as a period of time.

Here we have several options:

• Owning a property within a serviced residential complex in a vital area close to universities, schools, hospitals and easy transportation so that the property can be rented with an average rental return of 5% of the value of the property annually.

• Owning a commercial property (office – store) in areas of business centers close to transportation and commercial complexes, because rental returns for commercial units are higher than rental returns for residential units, with an average rental return of 7% of the value of the property annually.

• Hotel apartments within residential complexes or within hotels, where there are many projects that grant a guarantee of rental return at fixed rates that may reach 8% of the value of the property annually. 

As for those looking for capital recovery with the largest possible profit rate, the choice should be directed to the property that is still under construction for the following reasons:

• Price reductions of up to 20% due to the fact that the project is still under construction and to be paid in cash.

• The possibility of choosing a property with unique specifications (a large area – a distinctive view – a wide terrace) due to the abundance of options available.

• With the progress of construction, prices increase gradually, and when the construction and finishing operations are fully completed, prices have increased, on average, by rates of up to 100%.

You must ensure that the title deed is available when owning a property under construction, because the title deed is one of the main and important documents, such as proof of ownership of the property to obtain Turkish citizenship.

for complete information about owning a property under construction with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can fill out the form with personal information to be contacted by the root invest team.

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