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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship Programme BY Investment

Requirements and important matters in buying property in Turkey and obtaining Turkish residence

The applicant is required to buy a property in Turkey worth 400 thousand dollars and they can do this purchase considering several properties.Applicants are required to maintain and not transfer the property for three years, and this will be added to the purchased and registered property contract. The value of the property is determined by the Banking and Real Estate Supervisory Board and must be at least $400,000.

Turkish Passport

You can become a citizen by buying a property in Turkey by investing 400 thousand US dollars in one property or buying several properties in addition to earning income through capital increase, starting a business and receiving monthly rent for your properties in Turkey. Also acquire the country of Turkey.

Turkish citizenship will also be granted to the wife and children (children under 18 years old).

Turkish citizenship is lifelong and your children are born as Turkish citizens. It is also worth mentioning that the citizenship of Turkey can be granted along with the citizenship of another country.

For example, an Iranian can have both the citizenship of Iran and the citizenship of Turkey and use the benefits of this citizenship. In another article, we have discussed the Turkish passport validity in full and you can view this article.

About Turkish Citizenship

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate: 

Step 1 – Receive a tax registration number in Turkey

Step 2 – Opening a bank account in Turkey

Step 3 – Finding a property that includes receiving a Turkish passport

Step 4 – Buying a property worth 400,000 US dollars

Step 5 – Obtaining a property purchase certificate

Step 6 – Turkish residence request

Step 7 – Preparing the official papers required for the Turkish citizenship application

Root Invest consultants will accompany you through all the Steps of buying a property until you receive your Turkish passport.

Different types of investments to obtain Turkish citizenship

  1. Investment documents and assets in Turkey Invest up to $500,000 in Turkish government projects.
  2. Invest in Turkish banks worth $500,000 and get citizenship.
  3. Buy at least one property or multiple properties for $400,000 in Turkey.

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