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Real estate consulting servies

The importance of this service lies in being the main guide for foreigners wishing to own a property in Turkey, as it provides all the essential information and the correct answers that help you make the right decision according to your requirements and meets the main goal of owning a property.

Information provided by the real estate consulting services:

Our experienced real estate consultants in the Turkish real estate market are always ready to provide you with all the information you need before making a purchase decision, including:

  • A detailed explanation of the location, region and real estate projects suitable for the client’s request.
  • Send offers related to real estate projects, styles, specifications and prices of apartments available in these projects.
  • Information on how and steps to own with all the other relevant information in the purchase process.

Airport pick-up and field tours

After specifying the date of arrival in Turkey, we will receive you from the airport to the hotel and organize field tours to visit the real estate projects.

Field tours:

In coordination with your real estate consultant, the sales team prepares field tours to visit real estate projects based on the arrangements made previously in accordance with the client’s desire. The field visits include:

  • Visit the company’s headquarters to get acquainted with the company’s representatives from the real estate consultants and to make a comprehensive presentation before visiting the targeted projects.
  • Visit the site to learn about the services of this region, then visit the real estate project and learn about all the details and information on the ground.
  • Our sales team will provide you with the best offers and prices by conducting negotiations with the construction company by virtue of the close and solid relationship with these companies.

Legal advice services

This service provides you with easier and smoother procedures, as it clarifies and explains them for concluding contracts related to the purchase process. It also facilitates the procedures for preparing files of the application process in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, thus ensuring that all matters proceed legally.

After-sales services

Our services are not limited to the services provided only before the purchase process, but rather include all the requirements that the customer needs after making the purchase decision, and these services include:

  • Securing all the official papers necessary to complete the purchase process. These papers must be obtained from the official departments and the notary office in Turkey.

  • Opening a bank account for the client in Turkey, if necessary.

  • Receiving the apartment and following up on all the unfinished works, if any, and opening the water, gas, electricity and internet meters until the apartment is fully ready for living.

  • Buying furniture, household electrical appliances and all other supplies from A to Z.

  • Interior design, decoration, and modification services in case the client wish to bring changes inside the apartment through a specialized team.

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