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How do I choose the most suitable property?

Posted by rootinvest on May 25, 2023

In the beginning, it is necessary to identify the reasons that lead the investors’ to own a property in Turkey, and the most important of these reasons are:

First: investment opportunities in the real estate sector

For investors, the real estate sector in Turkey, especially the city of Istanbul, is rich in investment opportunities that achieve profitable returns in the short and long term. 

The investor is always looking for capital increase based on the cumulative percentage, and real estate is the best example of this type of investment. To achieve this aim, some important matters must be taken when choosing between available options to ensure choosing the best, such as:

* The property must be in the construction stage. When construction companies launch new housing projects, prices are low compared to ready properties in the same location, in this case, the price of the property can be paid in installments without interest.

With the progress of the construction works, the developer raises the prices gradually until the date of delivery and the sale of all available units, and thus the prices have increased by a cumulative average rate of 100%.

* Location: The location of the property has a significant impact on the increase in its price, and the price per square meter in general in that location. For example, when choosing a property in a neighborhood within the new expansion areas, or in the reconstruction areas, the investment opportunities are better, especially if there are new infrastructure projects under the supervision of the state or the municipality, such as transportation and metro stations, paving the road, or establishing integrated social facilities such as parks, playgrounds, schools, universities, hospitals, etc…,

All of the above will lead to an increase in demand for these areas and a gradual increase in prices.

Modern residential complexes system:

Investing in apartments within residential complexes with integrated services is the most demanded, as this system provides a comfortable, easy and safe lifestyle in addition to the availability of all social facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools and landscape.

Investors in this type of real estate usually want to buy small units with the aim of renting them when construction works are completed, or reselling them after a few years.

Second: the quality of the standard of living, the beautiful climate, and the distinguished geographical location.

Over the past ten years, Turkey has become one of the most important destinations for foreigners who are looking for new opportunities and a better standard of living, as it has made great achievements in all sectors, the most important of which are the service, health, economic and educational sectors, as the cost of living in Turkey is low and the climate is moderate compared to other countries. The European Union and the Arab Gulf states.

For those who are looking for a property for the purpose of housing and stability, they must be care about some important matters when choosing between the options offered to ensure choosing the most suitable property, such as:

* That the property be within a residential complex, because the residential complexes system provides all the services and daily needs that the family needs. 

* It is preferable that the site be chosen within the neighborhoods with new organizational plans, it gives a beautiful and elegant character to the area and has all the social and service facilities that the family needs, such as schools, universities, hospitals, parks, and so on. And also for ease of movement, as various means of transportation are available, away from the congestion suffered by the residents of the old neighborhoods and tourist areas.

Third: summer houses:

Due to the beauty of Turkey’s nature and its mild climate, there is a great demand by foreigners to buy summer homes and villas in coastal or mountainous areas.

Owning this type of real estate can be considered an investment if you want to rent the property on a seasonal tourist basis, or you can use the property personally, which in turn spares you from paying the costs of hotel accommodation during vacation periods.

Whether you want to invest in the Turkish real estate sector or you are thinking of moving and living in Turkey, you can get special advice from specialized consultants to answer all your inquiries.

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